Samples Of Work

Development Projects

US Military

Lead developer for eLearning training projects that used Case-Based Learning for the purpose of developing an online educational program for the DOD Military Community and Family Policy. The course modules are accessed by military and civilian professionals working with military families.

HTTO - University of Suwon

Lead instructional designer for the How To Teach Online (HTTO) project. HTTO was designed to instruct professionals on how to teach classes online in partnership with the University of Suwon in South Korea.

Cord Math Academy

Lead instructional designer for Cord Math Academy project. Developed just in time online learning solution with advanced mathematics applications. Incorporated subject matter expert (SME) content into detailed story boards. Developed customized trackable course modules published with Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) content. 

Synovus Connect Banking

Project manager, lead developer, and instructional designer for a comprehensive eLearning retail bank teller training program. The custom teller training includes immersive scenario branching, realistic daily interactions that are experienced in a retail banking environment, and comprehensive scenario feedback.

150/ 50 Georgia Virtual Learning

Augmented Reality project to combine historical tours with Augmented Reality technology throughout the state of Georgia.

PCORI & Shepherd Center LMS + eLearning Development

An implementation and iterative cycle development project for the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute & Shepherds Center Spinal Care Injury Hospital. This project is centered on developing Sharable Content Object Reference Models (SCORM) and analytic tracking for custom online learning simulations housed in a bespoke Learning Management System (LMS). Adaptive eLearning content is accessible to current Shepherds Center patients on mobile devices and personal computers. 

EPSS Gamification 

Design Based Research approach to Electronic Performance Support Systems (EPSS) that incorporate Augmented Reality & mobile gamification strategies to measure student learning outcomes, engagement, self regulated learning and metacognition. 

Mixed Reality Cognitive Training

A research and development study using mobile and eLearning support tools, specifically Augmented Reality and Intelligent Mixed Reality applications to measure the impact, if any, on adult learners cognitive persistence, cooperative investigation, training efficiency and problem solving in multimodal learning domains. The ARed (Augmented Reality education) app allows learners to instantaneously interact with an invisible world of learning content programmed and overlaid on print media, logos, and location specific targets. To view custom triggers and images come to life through Augmented Reality technology the user has to download the app onto an iOS functioning mobile or Android ready GDK wearable device or heads up display, then point the device viewfinder at the target image or location. 


Please see Dr. Squires Curriculum Vitae for a record of Software & Development Qualifications 


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Mobile Applications


The Augmented Reality (AR)education App allows you to interact with an invisible world of Augmented Reality learning content. 


Aim your device at static images, text, and instructor facilitated content and watch your lessons come to life through Augmented Reality technology. Just download the IDET app, launch it, and add a digital layer to your classroom. Now with research tested AR learning materials and cognitive training games. Ask about how you can be a part of the IRB-approved research study. Test your spatial memory and response times with Augmented Reality and the IDET app.


ARed allows users to interact with an invisible world of learning content on older model iPhones running Apple's iOS mobile operating systems. Aim your device at static content, text, images, and instructor approved content and watch your lessons come to life through augmented reality technology.

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