IDET Courses

Computing Applications in Education IDET — 5302 

Introduces the uses of technology in classroom environments. Examines and practices technology integration within classroom environments, using various applications, instructional and productivity software, as well as evaluation tools and resources. Addresses development of integrated instructional activities and a collaborative final project related to selected instructional goals. 

Instructional Design IDET — 5304 

Provides an introduction to instructional design theory, principles, and techniques and related learning theories. Considers various instructional design models including the Instructional Systems Development Model. Includes development of a final instructional design project.

Strategies for Technology Integration IDET — 5320

A course designed to enable participants to thoughtfully plan for integration of computers and other media in instruction. Examines the Project-Based Learning Model to engage learners in projects requiring investigation, analysis, synthesis, and presentation in real-world situations. Considers a rationale for technology integration, learning theory, evaluation of interactive media, strategies for technology integration, and related student assessment.
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